Cravings are the death of every good diet plan. Being on a diet does not mean that you need to eat foods that are unpalatable and boring. The food groups mentioned above contain a plethora of options that you can mix around to make your meals more interesting.
For instance, if you are craving for dessert, a bowl of fruits with a dollop of skimmed yogurt or even a smoothie can satiate you instantly. Deprivation leads to stronger cravings. When you add variety, you also have various macro and micro nutrients in your diet. As a result, the body is well nourished and much healthier.
Keep Your Body Moving

The purpose of all the calories you consume is to act as fuel for various activities that the body needs to perform. If you lead a sedentary life, your body will require much lesser calories than your daily required calorie intake. As a result, all the additional calories consumed are stored as fat. Even with you watching every calorie that you consume, staying inactive makes it redundant.
Therefore, make sure you include any physical activity of your choice in your daily routine. As the body works to fuel these activities, calories are consumed. Exercise has several secondary benefits. It reduces stress, which is one of the biggest causes of fat storage in the body.
Make sure that you never get dragged into various diet fads that are introduced regularly. Dieting is quite simple, as long as, you opt for more natural food sources, eat a balanced meal, eat on time, and stay active.

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