When we say detoxification of the body, what does it really mean?

Well, detoxifying the body means to cleanse the blood in the body by getting rid of the impurities that are accumulated within. During detoxification, the liver is the primary focus, as it processes the toxins to be eliminated. Other parts of toxin elimination include the kidneys, lymphatic system, lungs, intestines, and the skin.

Signs You Need To Detox Your Body

Toxins enter our body due to poor eating habits, exposure to pollutants, poor lifestyle, and lack of exercise. Some common symptoms of a body ridden with toxins and impurities include –

  • Poor skin and hair
  • Feeling of bloating and heaviness
  • Feeling tired, lethargic, and lazy
  • Poor sleep quality

Benefits Of Detox

Detoxifying your body from time to time –

  • Boosts immunity
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Keeps you active and energetic
  • Enhances skin texture and hair quality

6 Ways To Detox Your Body

#1.  Drink Ample Water

Nothing beats water when it comes to body detox. Water not only helps the kidneys to filter and flush out the toxins, it also keeps the body hydrated. As a result, the skin feels soft, rejuvenated, and supple. It is vital to consume two to three liters of water daily to prevent toxin build-up.

In addition to regular water, you can opt for fruit or herbs infused water, water-rich fruits, and soups for variation.

#2.  Eat Right

Get rid of the processed, ready to eat foods in your kitchen for they add to the toxins in your body. Also, be careful of the vegetables and fruits you pick. Opt for lots of whole green vegetables and preferably the organic ones to avoid pesticides and insecticides from entering your diet. Find out options of buying organic eggs, meat, and milk. This will help reduce your toxic intake. Fiber rich foods soak up cholesterol and toxins from the body.

Many foods aid detoxification. Some of these are – lemon, green leafy veggies, broccoli, and sprouts. They are rich in anti-oxidants and help fight the damage done by free radicals. As a result, they leave you feeling fresh and energetic.

#3.  Make Exercise A Part Of Your Daily Routine

It is common knowledge that exercise releases sweat and sweat is nothing but the body’s waste. Therefore, what better way to flush out body toxins than through regular exercise? Whether it is running, strength training, playing, walking or swimming; exercise boosts body metabolism to activate your body’s natural detox mechanism. It also improves blood circulation to your limbs sleep and keeps you active and fit.

Incorporate at least 30 minutes of exercise in your daily routine to start with.

#4.  Reduce Your Daily Sugar Intake

You might not be eating too many sugary foods, but do you realize that sugar enters our system in many ways. Processed foods, aerated drinks, sharbats, cakes, packaged and ready to eat foods; all add to the sugar we take in. Not only is sugar inflammatory it also inhibits the normal functioning of the pancreas by producing excessive insulin. As a result, the body’s natural process of detoxification gets affected, leading to toxin buildup.

Be conscious of what you are eating and replace all artificial sweeteners with natural sweeteners such as gur and honey.

#5.  Get Rid Of The Pollutants You Inhale

While it is difficult to control the environmental air, it is definitely under your control to periodically cleanse the air within your living and working space. Here’s what you can do –

  • Keep air-purifying plants in your home and office.
  • Periodically clean your space to remove dust, and mites, animal dander. Give special notice to AC vents, coolers, and air purifiers.
  • Stay away from smoking and drinking alcohol, they affect the body’s natural detoxification mechanism. Nicotine leads to free radical and toxin build-up.
  • Perform meditation and deep breathing exercises. If possible, use a Neti pot. It not only helps to cleanse your nasal passage, but also helps fight allergic sinusitis, congestion, and cold.

#6. Spa, Sauna, and Exfoliation

We already know that excretion of body waste and toxins takes place through our skin as well. Therefore, it is important to facilitate this process to ensure that your skin continues to flush out toxins from the body. Blocked pores, black heads, clogged sebum glands, and dead skin tissue, often hinder the process.

It is advisable to treat your body to a good sauna bath every now and then. Sweat opens clogged pores as much as a good full body exfoliation. Opt for an Ayurvedic spa or simply take some time out to create a home exfoliation routine to keep your skin fresh and pores open.

In addition to the above, ensure your body gets ample rest and a minimum of seven to eight hours sleep. Rest aids the body’s detoxification process and helps it recover from the harmful effect of toxins.

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