Postnatal (lactation) Diet

As in antenatal, postnatal diet programme also takes care of all the additional nutrient requirement of a lactating mother. This programme also helps in shedding the post pregnancy weight.

Antenatal (pregnancy) Diet

The nutrient requirements of an expecting mother is different from a normal individual. This programme takes care of all these leading to a healthy pregnancy.

Heart Health Programme

Medical condition like hypertension and high cholesterol leads to overburden on the heart. This programme helps are individual to prevent such conditions.

Diabetes Management

Customized diet plans along with lifestyle changes are recommended to diabetic patients to control their blood glucose levels.

Therapeutic Diet

Medical problems like hypertension, PCOS, thyroid and hormonal imbalance are dealt under this programme

Fast track weight management

This programme helps an individual in losing a considerable amount of weight and inches within a small time frame.

Optimal Weight Gain

Suitable diet plans are adviced to increase the food intake that enhances the body’s ability to digest and assimilate food.

Optimal Weight Loss

Weight loss programmes help individuals in losing excess body weight and inches and in improving their medical conditions

Single Diet consultant

Under this programme, the individuals are guided to follow a healthy diet pattern in their day to day in a single session according to their BMI and BMR.