Indian Diet Plan to Lose Weight
Indian Diet Plan to Lose Weight

Western impact on our people shows on everything in our lifestyle: from the kind of clothes we wear, to the places we go, to our body language and the accent we carry, to our choices of food. Adapting ourselves to other cultures has been a part of our history. But Indian culture is far more superior in terms of its content.

All of us today tend to indulge in burgers, pizzas and hummus and pita breads instead of vada pav, stuffed paratha and chhole kulche. This has resulted in an alarming rise in the graph of obesity in our country. Even kids at the age 4 or 5 are highly obese and are under medical supervision.

Our country is full of locally grown foods that they may help us reverse our situation and gain our stamina and structure back. We do not need medicines or supplements or surgeries to lose weight. What we need is correct eating.

Indian spices are loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory essential oils along with their superpower of adding their unique flavours to our meals. These spices are great for our digestive health. They help in reducing gastritis, acidity and bloating.

Our pickles (fermented vegetables) are potent detoxifiers containing beneficial bacteria, high levels of antioxidants and fiber, all of which are nutritious and help to keep us healthy.

Our nimbu pani and amla juice are better substitutes of aerated drinks as they provide vitamin C and have cancer busting flavonoids.

The various amounts of beans and lentils we consume in all parts of our country contain soluble fiber which helps in reducing high level of cholesterol.

Nuts and seeds like sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, walnuts, pine nuts contain heart healthy PUFA and amino acids which helps in maintaining healthy cholesterol, improve blood flow and provide instant energy.
Locally grown green leafy vegetables like palak, sarson, methi are loaded with vitamins, are low in calories and boosts the energy levels.

Fasting is another inseparable part of our culture that our ancestors have been following and advocating in some way or the other.

With all the power of Indian eating, we can bid a due to firangi food and go back into our roots to lose weight. The results are amazing and can be witnessed within the time span of one week.

A sample diet would help one understand the concept better:

Early Morning: Start with a glass or two of water mixed with grated juice of two amla.

Breakfast: idli-sambar / vegetable paratha with curd and pickle / vegetable uthappam / mix veg daliya / besan chilla and mint chutney

Mid meal: fruits

Lunch: salad and a bowl of pulses / legumes / vegetable raita

Evening: one bowl of vegetable soup / cooked green leafy vegetables / cooked ghiya

Dinner: fruits and a handful of nuts

* One can add a glass or two of water boiled with cumin or fennel seeds in between the meals.

** Follow this plan for 3 days. Then go for 1 day fasting plan (fruits / vegetable juices) followed by 3 days of this plan again.

The results would be visible both in inches and weight and the complements will be complimentary.

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