Losing weight is an uphill slog for a number of people across the world. On the other hand, it does not really help that various food companies use targeted marketing along with packaging to make such unhealthy foods beguiling to us.
Even though we try to lead a healthy lifestyle, and sometimes most of us are able to resist those giant bags of chips, flashy cereal boxes, and even pick up products based on the nutritional facts written at the back of the pack – we do end up falling prey to most of the junk food every now and then. However, if you really want to loose weight, some foods should simply be struck off your list.

So, what are the foods that should take a back seat in your shopping list especially when you want to ditch the kilos?

#1. Fried or Baked Potatoes 
Potatoes are healthy and quite filling, but potato chips or French fries somehow are not. These tend to have very high calories, and easy to eat (generally, we eat way too many of them!). According to some observational studies, eating French fries and chips have been one of the biggest factors linked to weight gain not only due to the calories they lend but also due to the oil that goes in and the salt.
In addition to that, baked, fried, or roasted potatoes contain a substance called Acrylamides, which may cause cancer when consumed in large quantities. Therefore, it best to eat plain or even the boiled potatoes in veggies instead of opting for fried potatoes.
#2. White Bread 
Flour used in white breads is extremely refined and the bread generally contains high amounts of added sugar. Its high glycemic index can spike blood sugar levels in your body.
In addition, according to a recent research, it has been found that eating 2 slices of white bread is a factor linked to obesity and weight gain. Therefore, instead of white bread opt for healthy alternatives such as gluten-free wheat bread, or the multi-grain breads available.
#3. Packaged and preserved Fruit Juices 

You can find a number of fruit juices in the supermarkets that have very less amount of whole fruits. These packed juices are highly processed and loaded with added sugars. In fact, such juices contain sugars and calories levels equivalent to a soda or any aerated drink.
Packed or processed fruit juices do not contain fiber, this means that a glass of orange juice will not have the same effect as the benefits an orange will provide you with. Therefore, either opt for fresh fruit juices without added sugar or eat the fruit whole. Homemade fruit juices are best for your health.
#4. Processed Foods 
There is a wide range of processed foods available in the market these days. From ready-to-make, snacks, to soups, tinned and canned foods, to heat-and-eat meals. Some of these undergo very low levels of processing, which does not affect their total nutrition such as frozen fruits or veggies. However, foods, which are highly processed, contain added sugar, salt, oil, or fat to preserve them for long. Such highly processed foods might tempt your taste buds and you end up eating them repeatedly leading to weight gain and other associative issues such as obesity, cancer, unhealthy digestive tract, diabetes, and more.
As much as possible, opt for home cooked meals. Cook smaller portions and try to eat fresh food. Avoid carrying meals over to the next day.
#5. Foods or Drinks with hidden calorie boosters 
Sugars can generally sneak into our daily diet plan, especially when consuming some of the unhealthiest foods. A number if manufacturers generally add sugar in the form of fruit juice concentrate, corn syrup, cane juice, oils, fats and emulsifiers, or more to a number of unsuspecting foods and drinks like yogurts, juices, pasta sauce, sports drink, and condiments. Often people overlook these hidden sugars, which leads to Type 2 diabetes and even cardiovascular issues.
It takes only a little effort to pick your foods consciously and wisely ensuring a healthier body and a lighter you. If you keep at it consistently and do not give in to temptation you will be able to achieve your weight loss goals with ease and soon healthy foods will become a lifestyle option for you.

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A specialist in Clinical Nutrition, Weight Management, and Child Nutrition, Ms. Agarwal has been working actively with patients seeking guidance related to lifestyle-specific disorders such as Diabetes, PCOD, and Thyroid.


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