For working women, be it a regular 9-5 job or a work from home option, the shifts are around the clock. With your home and family demanding equal attention as your job, it can become difficult for you to eat right and eat on time.

However, you need to stay in your best shape to be able to manage all these responsibilities. Here are some simple, practical diet tips that will help you get all the nutrition that your body needs.

  • Always eat breakfast: Skipping breakfast is one of the biggest mistakes that working women make. Your breakfast should be a good balance of protein, carbs and fiber to keep you going until your next meal. Studies show that a good breakfast helps you make healthier food choices throughout the day. Choose smoothies or shakes as the faster and easier option. You can even prepare your breakfast the night before to make sure you do not skip it.
  • Plan ahead to eat home cooked meals: Opt out of eating in the canteen at your workplace. Spending an hour on the weekends can help you prepare for your meals for the rest of the week. When you carry your lunch and your snacks with you, the additional benefit is that you keep your portions in check and avoid binging. You can get the right balance of all the nutrients that you need when you plan ahead.
  • Say no to processed foods: For women, processed foods pose a greater threat as they can lead to a lot of hormonal issues when they are consumed over a longer period of time. Choose fresh produce and fresh cooked foods instead of packaged foods. Most women opt for foods with labels such as “no sugar”, “no fat” or “low calories” and believe that they are healthy. However, food that is processed can pack in several empty calories into your diet and lead to weight gain or other health issues.
  • When you are on the move: If your job requires you to work on site or stay on the move, you will have to plan well in advance. A thermos and a cooler or thermo steel meal containers will help keep your food and beverages fresh and warm. If you are unable to pack enough food, you can always choose healthier options such as yoghurt, a salad and muesli to keep you going till you are able to sit down for a good meal. Always have a pack of raw and unsalted nuts handy to beat the hunger pangs.
  • Keep yourself hydrated: Don’t forget to carry a bottle of water with you wherever you do. When your body does not get enough water, you end up feeling extremely tired and can even feel a great deal of mental exhaustion. Most often thirst is mistaken for hunger signals by the brain and can cause you to choose foods that are rich in sugar or fat. Drinking water is a great way to keep yourself full between meals to avoid unhealthy eating choices.
  • Snack healthy: Everybody has those uncontrollable 4pm hunger pangs. Carry a fruit with you or make it more interesting with a yogurt and fruit salad combo. If you have a busy day ahead, carry a protein bar or a muesli bar that is convenient and completely hassle, free.

A good exercise regime is key to making the most of choosing healthier eating options. If you do not find enough time to hit the gym, you can even choose to go out to the park with your kids or just take a stroll in the outdoors with the family. It also helps you relax and stay fit while you juggle work and home.


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