Client Review Dietician
Client Review Dietician

Hi Nikita, Thanks for ur efforts to bring out such transformation in me, Ishani, Vishal bhai…..list is really long as it seems that you have become our family dietician😊 People from all age group, our uncle-aunties, cousins, niece-nephews, friends and then their friends and relatives, everyone has tried ur friendly yet effective diet plans except very few which sometime forces to be a cheater😜 It’s ur hard work, dedication, experience which gives amazing results and in turn enticed people to give a try despite the fact that ur place is bit far off ( from our place)and list of near by nutritionist is easily available on google😊 As far as I know, you started only with some female clientele but seeing u today, where we have to wait for our turn sometime for an hour🙈is a clear reflection of ur success which has also gone beyond Indian geography. Thanks for making people fit and healthy and giving big confident smile on their faces which looking into mirror😊 Keep up the good work👍

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A specialist in Clinical Nutrition, Weight Management, and Child Nutrition, Ms. Agarwal has been working actively with patients seeking guidance related to lifestyle-specific disorders such as Diabetes, PCOD, and Thyroid.


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