Mr Rajesh Narang lost 17 kgs+ With Dietitian Nikita Family Diet Clinic

Mr Rajesh Narang lost 17 his diabetes & cholestrol cured by simply following my diet medicines and supplements involved. Join LIFE Health and Nutrition Clinic for such great results.

who lost around 10 kgs With Dietitian Nikita Family Diet Clinic

Another sweet client, Kanishka Sharma,who lost around 10 kgs & has become more cute. God bless. Lose weight naturally #no medicine #no supplements #natural weight loss Call 09313467790


Dedicated is another word for Disha Bansal, my client , who lost around 24 kgs in 4 months. Here I share with you her experience with me. Please do read.

Sucess Stories: Rakesh lost 30 kgs in just 3Months- Diet plan by Dietitian Nikita

Sucess Stories
Journey from 95 kg to 65 kg of Rakesh Vir is quite commendable. Losing 30 kgs in a time span of 5 months was effortless for him with a smile always on his face. It was more because of the trust he showed on me that he was able to achieve his IBW (ideal...

Incredible Weight Loss

Nothing is impossible
Nothing is impossible. Meet Mr. Rahul Jain who lost around 27 kgs in 3 months. Join Life Health and Nutrition Clinic for such great results.

Client Review

Client Review Dietician
Hi Nikita, Thanks for ur efforts to bring out such transformation in me, Ishani, Vishal bhai.....list is really long as it seems that you have become our family dietician😊 People from all age group, our uncle-aunties, cousins, niece-nephews, friends and then their friends and relatives, everyone has tried ur friendly yet effective diet plans...