Sugar spike and weight gain
The question is why is a sudden sugar spike responsible for weight gain? When your blood has high sugar levels, insulin is produced. This tells the brain that the blood has enough sugar and the fat reserves in the liver and other tissues do not have to be used. Therefore, the fat reserves are not used and any sugar that is not excreted is stored as fat, leading to excessive and unhealthy weight gain.

Other reasons for sugar cravings?
Besides being a habit, there are other reasons why your body is craving for sugar:
路 You are not eating enough: When your body does not get enough calories from the food you eat, it looks for a quick source of calories, namely sugar.
路 Your diet is too high in starch: If your food is too rich in starch and does not contain any protein or fiber, it is as good as eating a bowl of sugar. Starch is absorbed very fast, leaving you craving for sugar.
路 Your diet is rich in salts: With most processed foods, one of the primary contents is sodium. Even when you consciously try to avoid sugary foods, the cravings are high because salty foods increase sugar cravings.

How to get rid of sugar cravings?
Follow these simple tips to avoid any sugar cravings:
路 Drink a lot of water. At times, dehydration can lead to feelings of hunger and sugar cravings.
路 Use natural sweeteners to sweeten your food. Using honey or maple syrup is a good idea to prevent sugar cravings.
路 Make sure that you eat well during each meal. Have a good balance of proteins, carbs, and fiber to keep yourself satiated completely.
路 Have a good breakfast. Eating a healthy breakfast with protein and foods rich in fiber is known to reduce sugar cravings.
路 Include healthy fats in your diet. Studies show that when you do not include enough fat in your diet, the cravings for sugary foods increase. Opt for nuts, seeds and oils like olive oil as sources for healthy fats.
路 Eat as much home cooked food as possible.
路 As a golden rule, getting rid of processed foods from your diet entirely for three days will reduce the cravings immensely.

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